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I feel sorry for you, though, you don’t deserve my sympathy. It must be awful for you that I live rent free in your head all the time. Well that’s how it seems. If it’s any consolation, I don’t like being around me either.

I’m sorry that my work ethic bothers you so much. I wish you would elaborate and give me specifics on how I can improve in my job. I am always open to feedback and willing to learn more.

I’m sorry my personality bothers you so much, I can only suggest that perhaps you should just ignore me. It’s quite easy to do, many people do it. I can give you some tips if you would like.

You can criticise my work ethic, but the workplace is not everything. I know my work ethic and standard of work.

You can threaten and hurt me physically. It’s only proof you are not a good person.

You can damage my friendships and my reputation. Those that know me, will always know the truth.

You can destroy my character, I am not perfect but I am content with who I am.

You must think I’m afraid of you. No, I want you to know that’s not the case at all. I have only ever been afraid of myself.

Your vile and malicious actions and words are nothing.

You are nothing.

Do what you will. I know how I will be remembered by those that know me. What will they say about you?

Waiho i te toka tu moana! I will hold steadfast like a rock in the ocean

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